Important Information: 77 The Springs

Security Deposit: A £50 cash security deposit is required either on the day of arrival or paid online in advance. This will be returned within 7 days of checkout provided there are no damages to the holiday home, keys are returned, and house rules have been followed.

Holiday Start Time: You can check-in anytime after 3.00 on the first day of your booking, please inform us roughly at what time at least 24 hours before hand.

Holiday End Time: You can check-out any time before 11.00 am on your last day, do not be later than this as you could lose your £50 deposit which we will compensate to the next guests if we are unable to get the holiday home ready in time for them.

On arrival come directly to the holiday home, 77 The Springs. And call the number either given on the booking or supplied later.

Map of Park

Two cars maximum are allowed onsite and can be parked next to the caravan.

Entertainment Passes:
If you wish to use Park Dean resorts facilities, then Passes are available from their customer services. These allow you to use the parks resources, although some activities you must pay an additional cost. For what’s included please head to From this website you can also book activities in advance to avoid disappointment.

Wi-Fi. Free wi-fi is available through Park Dean Resorts, but speeds are not great. Faster speeds can be purchased once you sign in to the free one.

Quiet time at the holiday home is from 11.00 pm till 7.30 pm so please ensure you respect your neighbours.

Maximum Occupancy 6 people only.

We do not provide barbeques. But you are welcome to bring your own. There are grassed areas and car parking spaces with plenty of room to use them safely. All coals and waste must be disposed of in the binned areas provided by the park once cooled. Do not leave them out overnight due to the wildlife on the park.

The holiday home is not wheelchair accessible. But adaptations can be made for other disabilities please contact us directly if you wish for a reasonable adjustment to be made and we will inform you if we are able to do this.

Bed Linen:
Is provided

A tea towel only is provided, you will need to bring your own for personal use.

Covid 19:
We are following all government guidelines with regards to the pandemic, which include deep cleans. We are unsure day to day currently what facilities will be open at the park, but as your booking covers you for the accommodation only, the cost of the activities has always been in addition. If you want to see what is open, pop over to the Parkdean website for up to date information, link provided above.

Parkdean have instructed us to inform you of the following whilst holidaying on their park.

  • Where possible, one-way pedestrian flows around park
  • Clearly signposted, one way in, one way out flows within any buildings
  • Ensuring queueing is kept to a minimum – and using floor vinyl markers
  • Where possible, we will encourage cashless/contactless transactions only
  • We will monitor the number of customers within shops at one time
  • Queue management systems will be introduced with entrance and exit policy
  • All baskets and trolleys will be sanitised to reduce cross-contamination
  • Please do not come to the park if someone in your household has developed coronavirus symptoms within 14 days prior to arrival
  • If someone in your group develops symptoms during your stay, please immediately self-isolate, contact PJ Getaways to notify them of the illness and make plans to go home as quickly as possible, avoiding public transport
  • Whilst on park, please observe social distancing of 1m+
  • There must be no group (mass) gatherings on park
  • Please ensure good hygiene by washing hands frequently with soap and water
  • Parkdean will be providing many hygiene stations around the park
  • However, it is still recommended that you bring essential items like soap, hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, personal face masks/covers, sanitising surface cleaners, etc
  • Customers can share their accommodation with government guidelines only.
  • You should use the social space on your holiday home pitch for your group only and you should not mix with other groups in or around your holiday home
  • Unfortunately, you are not permitted to invite visitors to meet you on the park
  • Please be reminded that you should not allow your children to wander around the park as they always need to be supervised so that they do not accidentally breach park rules
  • Please observe any one-way systems on paths and indoor areas
  • Please observe social distancing markings in areas where people queue

Please ensure you and your guests bring ID with you showing your name and address. EG Driving Licence. Due to lockdown in specific towns, people from these areas are not allowed to leave these areas and therefore should not come to the park. If any of your guests are from these areas, they must stay away. If this is going to affect you booking, please contact us immediately to discuss options. The government can change these areas at any time. Park Security will be conducting spot checks and if any of your guests are from these areas all of you will have to leave. We accept no liability for loss of holiday. Plus, the holiday home will have to be left empty for 48 hours which might affect someone else’s holiday, and therefore you would be liable for these costs as well.

Caring for your Safety

  • We do our best to ensure your safety and wellbeing and that our properties are well maintained for your comfort and safety. Nevertheless, please remember that when you stay in unfamiliar surroundings, you must take special care of yourself and your family. While relaxing and letting your guard down is all part of the holiday experience, you could encounter difficulties that could affect your holiday enjoyment. Here are some useful pointers to help you enjoy your holiday and avoid some possible pitfalls. Please read the information carefully and ensure that other members in your party are also aware.

Before you Travel

  • Leave a copy of your travel details with your next of kin or an emergency contact.
  • Ensure that you have water and all electronic satellite devices are fully charged or have an adapter cable.
  • Your Journey
  • Allow enough time to get to your holiday property and the airport/port/station, if relevant.
  • Take contact details for us with you, as well as the directions to the holiday property. Bear in mind that mobile phone reception can be patchy in certain locations.


Our properties are chosen for their character and charm and therefore extra care may be needed for families with children or anyone at risk. Please take special note of the following:

When you arrive

  • Familiarise yourself with the location of any safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher, CO monitors, fire blankets and escape routes.
  • Familiarise yourself with the layout of the property and location of light switches, always put a light on when moving around the property at night.

Be aware and be safe

  • Always securely lock the property whenever you leave it and at night. Make sure windows are closed (and locked), where possible.
  • Never leave valuables in open view.
  • Always climb/descend stairs/steps very carefully into and out of the property. Hold any handrail and walk slowly. Always accompany young children.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the holiday home or on any verandas or decking. Please smoke on the grass or the slabbed areas only. Always ensure that all smoking materials are safely extinguished and never light up inside the properties.
  • If you smell gas, report it immediately. Black sooty marks or stains and lazy orange flames on a gas appliance and excessive condensation in the room could indicate a faulty gas appliance.
  • Switch off electrical appliances at night and do not leave appliances like the TV, personal grooming equipment including driers running when you go out.
  • Something as simple as a window blind cord or chain can present a real danger to young children check all areas and keep all cords and chains out of reach of babies and young children.
  • Take extra care in bright sunlight as it may not be obvious whether the windows or patio doors are open or closed.
  • Surfaces such as tiles and marble floors can be very slippery.
  • At the lakes, ensure that children or anyone at risk cannot access it. Look for any steep drops or steps in the garden, and, if there are garden sheds or outbuildings, ensure that children or anyone at risk cannot get into them.
  • Equipment in children’s play areas should be safe and in good condition. You should satisfy yourself that the equipment is safe and in good condition before use.
  • Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Balconies, landings, corridors & walkways

  • Never leave children unsupervised on balconies or landings.
  • Keep all furniture away from the balcony wall/railings.
  • Never lean over, sit, or climb on the balconies or walkway wall/railings.
  • Take care when walking along corridors and walkways.
  • Before closing the door whilst on the balcony check that there is a handle on the outside.

Swimming pools

  • Read and obey the pool rules before you swim, private holiday properties will not have a lifeguard and some holiday complexes are not required to employ lifeguards.
  • Familiarise yourself with the pool layout so you know where the deep and shallow ends especially before jumping or diving in. Never dive into water less than 1.5m deep.
  • In some swimming pools it may be prohibited to jump or dive into the pool, always obey the facility rules and signage.
  • Some complexes may have specific adult supervision ratios.
  • Chlorine is normally added to the pool when it is closed so check the hours of pool operation and never use the pool when it is closed.
  • Don’t swim immediately after a meal and never swim when you’ve been drinking alcohol or if you feel unwell.
  • Don’t swim if suffering from an upset stomach. Leave 48 hours before entering the pool following a stomach-related illness.
  • Children or anyone at risk, in and around the pool area must always be supervised by an adult and never left unattended even if a lifeguard is present.
  • In the event of an emergency, know how and where to get help.

Lakes & Ponds

  • Some properties may have use of a boat or other activity equipment such as trampolines, swings, climbing frames and sporting equipment. You will find details of such equipment in the brochure description. Please note that any activity equipment is provided directly to you by the owner of the activity and does not form part of your contract with us.
  • Use of such equipment is at the property owner’s discretion, and liability for availability and condition rests solely with the owner. It is your responsibility to
  • ensure that you are familiar with the operation of the equipment,
  • (ii) satisfy yourself that the equipment is safe to use,
  • (iii) to use the equipment responsibly, and
  • (iv) always supervise children using the equipment.


  • If a major security incident occurs and you are not sure what action to take, follow the advice to ‘Run, Hide, tell’ which can be applied to many places and situations both at home and overseas.
  • RUN to a place of safety, if there is nowhere to go then it’s better to HIDE, turn your
  • phone to silent, then finally and only when it’s safe to do so TELL and call the police.

Special requirements

  • Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the property meets with your individual
  • needs particularly relating to access to the property and garden we ask that you
  • check that the property description is suitable for everyone in your party and if you
  • have any concerns or special requirements following your booking contact us.
  • Please check the property you have chosen has everything you need for
  • a stress-free holiday.