Terms & Conditions (1st September 2022)

Making a Reservation

Reservations can be made by visiting www.pjgetaways.co.uk and using our online booking system or emailing info@pjgetaways.co.uk       

When you book online, you will pay a 10% deposit of the total booking amount and then receive a booking confirmation email once you have completed the booking. Your booking date will then be blocked off and will not be bookable by others.

The Contract

The contract is between the owner of the property, at the holiday home address and the person making the reservation (the Guest).  English & Welsh law will govern this contract.  The lead Guest making the booking must be over the age of 21 and agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that all the following Terms and Conditions are adhered to by all members of their party. The Lead Guest must personally stay at the accommodation throughout the holiday unless written permission is obtained from the owner in advance of the booking being made.

The property is to be occupied only by the persons notified to the Owner and for vacation purposes only.  The Guest and the members of the Guest’s party also agree not to use the property for any commercial or illegal purpose, including subletting, which will result in the immediate termination of the contract and the immediate departure of the Guest and the Guest’s party with no liability on the part of the Owner for any refund payments made compensation, expenses or costs incurred by the Guest or his/her party.

The booking deposit and balance payments

If a booking is made more than 8 weeks (56 days) before the arrival date, a deposit of 10% is payable at the time of booking.  This is payable at the time of booking via Stripe (our online debit/credit card processor).

Upon receipt of the deposit, the booking will be confirmed by email.

The balance of the payment is due 8 weeks before the Guest’s arrival date, and we can take the remaining balance over the phone, or you can arrange a bank transfer using your booking reference (found in your booking confirmation email) as the reference or pay online.

If a booking is made within 8 weeks (56) of the arrival date, we will contact you to request the remaining balance. Confirmation of booking will be issued by email once the payment has been made.

Overdue payments may lead to the Guest’s booking being cancelled by the Owner and re-advertised to secure another booking.  The Owner will not be liable for any refund of payments made, compensation, expenses or costs inured by the Guest because of overdue payment. (See cancellation policy below).

Cancellation Policy

If a Guest must cancel their holiday, the Owner must be telephoned immediately.  The cancellation must be confirmed in writing (email) within 3 days of the telephone call.  

If a cancellation is made:

  • up to 24 hours after the booking is made, a 100% refund will be issued (provided the booking is more than 8 weeks away).
  • more than 8 weeks before booking commences, the deposit will be forfeited
  • Lesser than 8 weeks before the booking commences, the Guest will be liable to pay the full rental cost (deposit + balance) if the property is not re-let.  If the property can be re-let to another party at the same rate, the guest will be reimbursed 75% of their booking cost

Every effort will be made to re-let the property to allow the Guest to be reimbursed. 

Travel Insurance

The Owner strongly advises that the Guest takes out a comprehensive travel insurance policy.  This gives the Guest peace of mind that they will be able to recover their cost and losses should there be a need to cancel.  If the Guest chooses not to have adequate travel insurance in place, then the Guest accepts full responsibility for any costs or loss that may be incurred due to a cancellation.

Covid 19 is classed as an illness and should be covered under your holiday insurance for all guests.

Adverse Travel Conditions

Where there are travel disruptions due to severe weather conditions or any form of industrial action, the Owner cannot be held responsible for non-arrival or departure from the Cottage and no refunds will be given.  Should the Guest need to arrange alternative accommodation, the Owner will help where possible.   In this scenario, the Guest would be responsible for the full cost of any alternative overnight accommodation.   We strongly advise that all guests have normal travel insurance to cover this eventuality should it arise.

Arrival & Departure

Check-in is from 15:00hrs to 21:00hrs – 

Tattershall Lakes:

If you arrive between 15:00 and 17:00 someone will be onsite to greet you.  Just call 07367 222707 on arrival.

If you arrive after 17:00 call our number 07367 222707 on arrival and you will be given the key safe number and check-in will be done over the phone.


5 days before your arrival you will be the contractor’s name and telephone number.  You will need to contact them on the day of your arrival to get the key safe number for them

Inside the holiday home, you will find a welcome pack which answers most questions guests ask.

Departure must be before 10:30 hrs to allow cleaning to commence before the next Guest’s arrival.  Please follow the instructions of the check-in person as to where to leave.  Do not drop off key boxes in the park.

Failure to adhere to this check-out time may result in additional rental charges plus a fee for delayed or hindered access to the property by housekeeping.  Please note that if any keys issued are not returned at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement will be charged to you at a rate of £20.00 per key.


2 cars maximum allowed onsite & can park free of charge at the holiday home.  If you need to bring more, please contact me & I can provide close by locations to park.  Do not bring on park £50 fine per car per day over 2.

Tattershall Lakes Guests

Please note the park is close to RAF Coningsby, and you may experience aircraft noise. 

Conditions of Occupancy

During the occupancy of the property, the Guest agrees to have full consideration for the residents of neighbouring properties and not to cause any distress by generating excessive noise or antisocial behaviour.  The Owner can refuse the Guest or any member of the Guest’s party entry or continued occupancy of the property if the Guest or the Guest’s party are behaving antisocially, or illegally or if any damage has been or is likely to be caused to the property or the Owner’s property.  Any such actions will be treated as a cancellation by the Guest and the Owner will not be liable for any refund of payments paid, additional compensation, expenses or costs inured by the Guest or their party because of this action and the Owner will be under no obligation to find the Guest or its party alternative accommodation.  It is expected that the Guest leaves the property in the same condition as they found it in.

Party Decorations

The use of party decorations is not permitted without paying the appropriate fee at the time of booking or later over the phone, but before arrival.  If you have paid for the option to self-decorate, then the following rules must be adhered to:

  • You must clear up afterwards.  This includes inspecting all walls & ceilings for adhesive products. If the changeover team finds anything then photos will be taken If found, you will be charged an additional £40 per hour clean-up cost.
  • When decorating, use only white tack or non-marking tape, any permanent damage is made by Safety pins, drawing pins, glue, etc…  then all restoration work will be charged to you.
  • Under no circumstances can confetti balloons or any other type of party decoration be used which produces small pieces of paper or small metallic.  These are a fire risk& are forbidden.  If found, you will be charged an additional £40 per hour clean-up cost.

Smoking Policy

Inside the property strictly has no smoking of any sort, including vaping.  Vaping is allowed on the decking, but smoking is not.  If guests are found to have smoked or vaped inside the property and damage is incurred because of this (including leaving a lingering aroma) then a penalty fee of £80 will be incurred, payable via the damage security deposit.

​Damage Security Deposit

The Owner reserves the right to require a refundable damage security deposit of £80 at the time of booking and paying a deposit (this can either be paid via debit/credit card over the phone or through a bank transfer). Any such damaged security will be refunded within 96 hours of departure subject to the Owner’s evaluation. Deductions may be made for damage to the property, its contents or other property or belongings of the Owner.

Care of the Property / Breakage, Damage, Theft

The Guest is responsible for leaving the property clean and tidy and removing all their rubbish to the site bins. The Guest is also responsible for any loss, breakages, or damage.   Any breakages or damage, however minor, must be reported immediately by the Guest to the Owner, who will make the appropriate charge for repair or replacement for which the Guest will be liable.   The Owner reserves the right for their representatives to enter the property to conduct inspection or repairs.  The Guest will be responsible for the cost of any excessive cleaning that may be required following their stay, charged at £40 per hour.  The property must be secured if unoccupied.

Number of guests

The maximum number of guests allowed is 8 for properties on Tattershall Lakes and 6 for a property on Southview.  This can be a combination of adults and children or infants.  A baby may sleep in a cot in addition to the 6 adults/children.  A lead guest must supply the name, contact details and ages of all guests during the booking process.  Children under 18 must be always supervised by their parents/guardians.

Sleeping Arrangements

This is described in the individual holiday home description.  Please familiarise yourself with these.

Utilities, Linen & Towels

The property is supplied with pillows, duvets, bed linen, hand towels and kitchen towels. We ask that these items are not removed from the property.  Electricity, heating, and fuel for the stove are all included in the hire charge. 

We are award-winning for environmental policy.  Which includes maximising efficiency in heating the, you require please let us know.

Lodges 1 bath towel is provided per guest for use at the holiday home and is not to be used for any water activities on or off the park.

Caravans:  Guests must bring their own.  The contractors I use to clean and look after my Holiday Homes can provide a towel hire service, but this is negotiated directly with them and is subject to availability.  I accept no liability for this.


Disposable ones are not allowed, park rules, but you are welcome to bring your own.  Never to be used on decking or within 8 feet of the holiday home.  Use the grass areas or car parking spaces.  All coals & waste must be disposed of in binned areas once cooled.  And do not leave out overnight uncovered due to wildlife in the park.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles must not be charged directly from Holiday Homes as the electricity supply is not fit for purpose and increase the risk of fire and damage to the electricity is certain to occur.  Any guests found doing so will lose their security deposit the first time caught and then be told to leave if discovered again with no refund.

Both Tattershall lakes and Southview have EV charging points at their complex which guests are welcome to use.  Charges apply.

The Guest must allow the Owner and/or his Agent reasonable access to the property without notice to the Guest.


Any Safety issues in or around the property should be raised immediately with the Owner.  The Owner shall not be liable to the Guest or any member of their party for any loss or damage to any person or their property arising from the rental of the property however injured.

  • No candles must be lit on the property at any time
  • No BBQs must be lit inside the property or on the decking or within 8 feet of the decking or property.
  • Holiday Homes are fitted with heat and carbon monoxide detectors for the safety of all guests. 
  • There are fire blankets in the kitchen and fire extinguishers

Facilities / Amenities

The Owner reserves the right to alter or withdraw without prior notice facilities and/or amenities which have been advertised and were necessary due to necessary repairs, maintenance, or any other circumstances beyond their control.  The Owner will notify the Guest as soon as practical of any such changes.


The parks the holiday homes are situated on do have a variety of entertainment facilities.  Please read each holiday home’s information for further details.  Any costs associated with using them are in addition to the booking.

Any reservations/bookings you make for entertainment with a third party are between you and them.  We accept no liability for this.

Wi-fi and Mobiles

The parks the holiday homes are situated on are providing the wi-fi options, we are not allowed to bring our cable onsite.   Instructions are in the welcome folder at the holiday home. There is a free option, but this is slow, but the park gives you the option to purchase faster, and prices are given once signed in.  We accept no liability for the Wi-Fi, the speed or signal strength/quality of the wi-fi signal as this is run by the park & we have no control over it.

Also please remember this is a country park so the signal strength of mobiles is different from towns.  All modern lodges & caravans are built with steel frames, which function as faraday cages.   In short, if your home is struck by lightning you are safe.  But this affects mobile phone signals.

Circumstances beyond the control of the Owner

If for any reason the Owner must cancel the Guest’s booking in advance due to circumstances beyond the Owner’s control, for example, fire, flood, or destruction/damage to the property, hot tub failure, the Owner will seek to find the Guest comparable accommodation for the rental period or will offer alternative dates or refund the full amount of the booking.  If the Owner must terminate the Guest’s holiday early for any reason, the Guest will be credited/refunded a proportionate part of the rental payment based on the time remaining of the booking. This will be the full extent of the liability of the Owner and no additional compensation, expenses or costs incurred by the Guest or their party will be payable by the Owner.

Force Majeure

The Owner does not offer insurance or accept any liability to the Guest for losses, additional costs, compensation, or expenses, in the event of the property being unavailable due to a non-exhaustive list of and including the following examples: adverse weather conditions, ferry or plane cancellations,  Guest travel arrangements, natural disasters, terror attacks, acts of war, hijacking, riots, incidents of civil unrest, pandemics, epidemics, viruses or general restrictions on movement imposed by local or national Government, which may prevent the guest arriving at the property.


Before booking, the Guest needs to contact the Owner with the size and number of any dogs (maximum two dogs).  Your pet is not allowed into the bedroom or sofa without the guest putting down a blanket.  Any evidence, hairs, or paw prints will resort in additional cleaning costs charged at £40 per hour.  Pet(s) must not be left unattended on the property at any time. Please also be aware that this is a rural area surrounded by livestock and wildlife and it is the Guest’s responsibility to keep their pet(s) under control.  The property is fully fenced, and pet(s) may use the decking if supervised and any mess is collected and disposed of properly by the Guest.  All dogs must be kept on a lead when away from the holiday home in the park.

Quiet Time:

All our holiday homes are located in family parks.  Quiet times are between 23:00hrs – 07:30hrs.   Please respect your neighbours


Any complaint must be taken up immediately by the Guest with the Owner or the appointed contractor who must be allowed to address the issue raised.  The Owner regrets that they cannot accept or be held liable for a complaint after the Guest has vacated the property.  Any complaints or disputes raised publicly on social media or otherwise after departure are liable to legal action from the Owner.


By confirming the reservation details and paying the booking deposit, the Guest agrees to these terms and conditions and is making an offer to rent the property for the period and cost agreed, upon by way of a binding contract between the Guest and the Owner.